Soul Æther Harnesses the Powers of Science, Magic, and Metaverse with Launch of Sci-fi Animated Series and Virtual Experiences

Beginning with the Launch of its First Collection “Tria Prima” on November 28, the Project Aims to Bring Collective, Immersive Storytelling to Young Adults in Web3


The future of creative, fantastical, wholly-immersive storytelling is here with Soul Æther (@soulaether_): a sci-fantasy Web3-powered world that explores the intersection of science and magic from the lens of digital assets, animation, games, and other metaverse experiences designed to raise the new bottom line for creative storytelling.

Soul Æther has partnered with NFT ecosystem Notables (@NotablesCo), the Web3 studio behind some of the year’s most innovative projects. In contrast to the majority of Web3 projects, Soul ÆTher is fully self-funded. With a board of advisors including Tom Staggs (@TomStaggs), Songyi Lee, Matt Dravitski, Yoseph Ayele, and financial backing from Blackbird and The Icehouse,  success of the project is virtually guaranteed as the Soul Æther team will not need rely on the community to fund their roadmap items.

The Soul Æther world will launch with 6,699 digital assets, allowing the community to enter an alternate world in which two hidden cabals, Science and Magic, are locked in an eternal cold war. Their first collection, “Tria Prima” officially launches on Monday, November 28th on OpenSea primary marketplace.

Minters will receive one of the three key alchemists, all with unique features, traits, abilities and elements that are playable and tradeable in the metaverse. Each character comes from over 230 custom clothing and accessory designs that pull from the world’s influences of science, magic and alchemy.

This form of entertainment is built to sustain and evolve: defining standards within the world of creation in Web3, that will unfurl and inspire a whole new generation of storytellers via creator-consumer collaboration that is as exciting as it is absolutely unprecedented. With this new breed of entertainment medium; Soul Æther spans digital collectibles, animated series, games, metaverse experiences, and beyond, creating a world that aims to inspire and uplift through strong values and themes that seek to influence positive change in the real world.

Soul Æther will act as this grounding mental escape for today’s young adults within the metaverse, providing a creative outlet that is as immersive and digital as it is tangible and full of real-world possibility.The Soul Æther world imaginatively explores polarizing concepts like past lives, magic, alchemy, and science. 

Soul Æther guardians – known as “Alchemists” – protect the balance between Science and Magic, two ancient rivals who are locked in a consistent battle over the sci-fantasy universe. Through the secret of reincarnation, the Alchemists harness centuries of knowledge and experience that frees them from traditional and limiting perceptions of gender, culture, and identity.

Users who mint their own 3D Alchemists will not only immerse themselves in this fictitious world, but contribute greatly to it. Once invited into the Soul Æther network, members will collaborate on the progression of the story and world, having an informed say in how it unfolds in the form of animated series, graphic novels, mobile games, and the storyverse where all things Soul Æther will live.

ABOUT Notables

Serving as both a creator’s platform and an online sales platform, Notables is a NFT ecosystem that works with influential individuals and cultural icons to build unique, utility-based digital asset collections.

Notables is a full-service blockchain solution for developing and designing NFT projects, building online communities, and returning value to the community long into the future. Its highly-curated platform and ecosystem provide a seamless user experience for both the creator and user.

With the unique ability to allow artists to push the boundaries of fan engagement, Notables is designed to deliver unique, one-of-a-kind, digital items aimed at super-fans or consumers who support specific creatives and influencers. 

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