“Kya Batau” (Rasbhari Song) : Mr. Miuz’s fun collaboration with the Flying Beast, gone viral, Hits 20 Lakhs + Views

Mr miuz and rashbhari

Nowadays, instagram is flooded with reels on remixes on famous dialogues, funny one liners and memes. It all started with Yashraj Mukhate’s remix videos on “Pawri Hori Hai” and “Rasode Mai Kon Tha” which instantly spread like wild fire and took the internet by storm, giving way to more music producers and directors trying this very unique idea of mixing these type of dialogues and adding their own personal touch through music beats, background scores and peppy lyrics to make it more lively and interesting for the audience who are really enjoying watching these.

Because of this, these people are garnering huge attention and fan following and the audience is expecting similar content on a regular basis. Recently, youtuber Mayur Jumani’s remix about a man’s rant about students (“Khali Chori Patata Hai”) went viral and was shared all over by people.

Music director, Mr. Miuz made a remix reel on “Inni bhookh lagli thi”, a dialogue said by famous Youtuber, The Flying Beast’s (Gaurav Taneja) daughter, Rasbhari.

It talks about how Rasbhari shows her emotions on how she is hungry in a very cute way which has been beautifully enhanced by the talented singer, Mr. Miuz through the use of musical instruments such as piano, adding beats and some more lines to it. Mr. Miuz’s voice modulations and facial expressions very well represented the main idea behind the dialogue and the addition of a fun dance made the whole reel all the more appealing.

The audience loved the reel so much so that the Flying Beast (Gaurav Taneja) himself shared the content on instagram after which it has gone mad viral with more than 20 lakh plays and more than 2 lakh likes within a week of its release!

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