Founded and headed by NFT disruptor and thought leader gmoney, 9dcc is the world’s first crypto-native luxury house and lifestyle platform.

With 9dcc, gmoney has sought out to redefine the fashion industry while also securing it an influential and informed position in Web3 as the world’s industries continue to transition into the growing digital space.

The luxury brand embodies a new canvas for designers: one where value becomes decentralized and open to interpretation. Chip hardware embedded into the fabric of 9dcc designs makes this possible by connecting the designer – in this case, gmoney – directly to their audience, and vice versa. From there, an ongoing, mutually-beneficial relationship commences, introducing a post-sale chance for connection that the retail industry has never been able to achieve before. 

Web: 9dcc.xyz/ 

TW: @9dccxyz

IG: @9dccxyz