Notables Leads Launch of Iconic Street Artist Persue’s BunnyKitty in the City

The Sequel to Persue’s Debut Picture Book Launches With NFTs powered by Partnership with Web3 studio Notables  PRESS IMAGES HERE November 22, 2022 – With BunnyKitty in the City, the sequel The Origins of BunnyKitty (2016), legendary graffiti artist David “Persue” Ross (@persueone) aims to bring BunnyKitty into the digital world and connect with fans […]

Soul Æther Harnesses the Powers of Science, Magic, and Metaverse with Launch of Sci-fi Animated Series and Virtual Experiences

Beginning with the Launch of its First Collection “Tria Prima” on November 28, the Project Aims to Bring Collective, Immersive Storytelling to Young Adults in Web3 PRESS IMAGES HERE The future of creative, fantastical, wholly-immersive storytelling is here with Soul Æther (@soulaether_): a sci-fantasy Web3-powered world that explores the intersection of science and magic from […]